Glass is an excellent and unique way to introduce a modern feel to your home. Not only does it give your home a simple and clean aesthetic, but it can add a touch of elegance when you need it. For ideas, here are five ways to use glass in your home:

1. Walls

Glass walls are ideal for bringing attention to a room. The eye is immediately drawn to the objects in the room. Glass walls are great for rooms with centerpieces, like a living room with a fireplace. The fire reflecting off the glass gives the whole room a warm feeling without even having to step inside. If you love to cook, have your kitchen be the star of your home with a glass wall. This way, your guests can watch you cook while still being able to mingle in the living room or the dining room.

2. Sink

If you're doing a bathroom remodel, and you're considering a sink that sits above the counter, try a glass sink. A glass sink sitting atop a wood or stone counter can give your bathroom a whole new vibe. Not only can a glass sink make your bathroom pop, but it is easier to clean than a regular sink. A little glass cleaner and a rag is all you need to make the sink sparkle.

3. Floor

If you have a second floor in your home, consider having a glass floor on the balcony overlooking the first floor. This can give your home a modern look, and something that your guests will marvel at. People on either floor will be able to see what's above or below them. This can make your home open and large. It also makes your home memorable. A glass floor is also a great choice for an outdoor balcony.

4. Closet

How convenient would it be to see everything in your closet before you even open the door? Having a closet enclosed in glass would give you just that. Install sliding glass doors and a light switch on the outside. This way, you can inventory your closet without stepping inside. You can also show off your shoe or clothing collection to guests, although you will want to show off the beautiful glass much more. And having a see through closet will give you that much more motivation to keep it cleaned out and uncluttered.

5. Tile

This next idea can show off your creative side. If you're trying to think of an idea for your shower tile, glass tile can give you endless possibilities. When you remove the old tile, install a network of picture frames or even wooden boxes in the size of the tile you would like to have. Then, put anything you want in the boxes or frames. You can use pictures, artwork, or even small trinkets. You could even fill the boxes with marbles or colored sand. Then, install a sheet of glass over the top. This gives you a truly unique shower or bathroom wall that no one else has.

These are five ways you can use glass in your home. Glass can give your home modern beauty and unique style. (For more information on glass, contact a company such as European Glass & Paint Co Ltd)