If a load of cement is on its way to your house for your new sidewalk or patio, you may want to think about ways you could use any extra cement that is leftover. When you purchase a load of cement, you are entitled to the entire load, even if it will not all fit in the area it was planned for. Here are some ideas of ways you could use the extra material leftover after the job is complete.

Outdoor Uses

Cement is the perfect material to use for:

  • Posts for a deck – If you plan on building a deck now or in the future, you may want to pour cement footings for the posts that will hold up the deck. Placing deck posts on cement footings is ideal because the footings will prevent the deck from sinking.
  • Swing set stability – You could also use some of the leftover cement to hold your swing set in place. To do this, you would need to prepare for the cement by digging holes for each post on the swing set. You could then fill in the holes with cement and this would hold the swing set in place.
  • Driveway – You could also use the material for your driveway if you currently have a gravel driveway. This is a good idea even if it only covers a small portion of the driveway.

If you do not need the extra cement for any of these reasons, you could always have the company pour the leftovers into a wheelbarrow (or buckets), and you could use it to make some fun crafts with your kids.

Crafts With Your Kids

Here are a few ideas of crafts you could make:

  • Stepping stones – You can make cement stepping stones by pouring cement into aluminum pie pans. After you fill the pans, give your kids jewels or rocks and let them decorate the cement. When they dry, you can pop them out of the pans and you will have stepping stones to place in your yard.
  • Signs – Another option is to pour cement into square or rectangle disposable pans. You could carve words into the cement with a knife or stick, or you could decorate the cement with rocks, jewels, or other craft items. This is a great way to make a family sign for your house, or you could make signs to give away to friends and relatives.

Using the extra cement is a great way to prevent it from being thrown away, plus you can make a lot of fun things with it. If you are ready to order cement for a home project, start planning ways to use up the leftovers. To learn more, contact a company like Fleshcon / Clearview Concrete with any questions you have.