Creating a bedroom ambiance that's comforting, yet functional is all about layering the light. Light layering is providing different lighting for different needs in a room. But because the lighting is layered you can have all the lights on at the same time and still have a comfortable space. In a bedroom, you'll need various lights, depending on your needs, so the help of an electrician may be warranted to provide extra outlets. If you're setting up the lighting in your bedroom, this guide explains the type of lighting you'll need.

Makeup Area Lighting

If you use makeup and have a vanity set up in your bedroom, the perfect lighting is crucial to obtaining the look you want. The lighting should be bright and focused toward the mirror.

Choose bulbs that concentrate the light in the vanity area, instead of the entire room. The vanity lighting needs to accommodate what you're doing, but not bother someone else who might be reading a book or performing other tasks.

Bedside Lighting

When picking out décor for your bedroom, choose lamps that accommodate 3-way bulbs. Since everyone has their own light-level tastes, these lamps should accommodate those choices, even if they are the same style.

Reading Area Lighting

A reading area should feature a bright light with a narrow cover or shade. You want the light to surround the reading chair or loveseat in a way that allows the person reading to easily see the words, but not so bright that it lights up the entire room.

Room Entrance Lighting

Depending on the size of your bedroom, choose lighting near the door that's soft so that an inviting and comfortable feel envelops those who enter. If your bedroom isn't big, ensure that the light flowing from the hallway is bright enough to light the entire hallway while casting a soft glow into your room.

Picture and Painting Lighting

Decor around your bedroom can make it feel more of a space that's all yours. Highlight your paintings and pictures with a soft light. Run the electrical cords through the wall if you don't want them hanging down from the light, or choose battery operated LED lights to shine softly on the paintings.

The right amount of light on your paintings not only draws attention to them, but you can leave them on all the time to add to the relaxing ambiance as you enter your room. Additionally, you can leave them on as a nightlight for added ambiance.

Take the time to set up the proper lighting in your bedroom so that you can have the perfect glow for whatever your needs are. Ask your electrician for help if you need to hide cords behind a wall; add additional outlets or if your lighting choices seem to be tripping circuits. They can provide you with proper amount of electricity to design any type of lighting situation you want.