If you're currently in the process of remodeling your bathroom, you likely want to take advantage of any cost-cutting measures available—including performing some tasks yourself. Fortunately, there are several relatively simple decor and plumbing changes you can make without enlisting the help of a professional. Read on to learn more about one remodeling project you can accomplish over the course of an hour or two, as well as one aspect of remodeling you should always leave to the professionals.

Replacing A Toilet

Although it may seem like a messy and complicated task, removing and replacing your toilet is something that even the non-mechanically inclined can accomplish.

First, you'll want to shut off the water supply to your toilet and drain the water from the back of the tank. The water supply is generally controlled by a small knob on a pipe near the base of the toilet, but may be hidden inside a nearby cabinet. Hold down the toilet lever to flush as much water from the tank as possible.

Next, unscrew and unbolt the various bolts that hold your toilet to the floor. You may also wish to unbolt the tank from the toilet bowl to make it easier to lift. You should now be able to lift your toilet from the floor and uncouple it from the pipe.

There will be a wax ring left on the floor—this is designed to seal your toilet to the floor and prevent any leaks or escaping sewer gases. Carefully scrape up this wax ring, being careful not to leave any remnants.

The installation of your new toilet is simply a reversal of this process. First, put down the wax ring. Next, carefully affix your toilet to the ring and place it on the pipe. Finally, screw in any screws or bolts that hold your toilet to the floor or the base to the tank. Once you turn on your water supply, you should have a perfectly functioning new toilet.

Rerouting Pipes

If part of your remodel includes the installation of an appliance or bathtub that necessitates additional plumbing, you should contact a professional. Although certain minor changes can be made by a handy individual with the right tools, there may be additional factors at play—including building codes. By hiring a professional plumber (such as Archie Johnstone Plumbing & Heating Ltd) to install new pipes or reroute existing ones, you can be assured that your new bathroom will not only be structurally sound and watertight, but will also comply with all applicable laws and regulations.