Running your air conditioning 24 hours a day during the warm months can create a huge bill, so it is important to get cool air from anywhere else that you can. By getting the cool air that you need from other places, you can turn your air conditioner off, and save a lot of money. This article will discuss 3 great tips for keeping your air conditioning bill down during those hot summer months. 

Open Your Windows At Night

Since it is often going to be somewhat cooler outside during the night, it is a good idea to turn off your air conditioner and open all of your windows. This will allow you to feel the cold air entering your window from outside without having to worry about how much it is going to cost you. Opening the windows in your bedroom will help you to sleep better at night as well, because you will be so much cooler. However, if you live in an area with a lot of outside noise, you may want to sleep with ear plugs. Be sure to wait to open you windows until the sun has gone down though, or else you will simply be letting more hot air come into your home. 

Place Fans In Your Windows In The Morning

In order to avoid turning your air conditioner on first thing in the morning, you can place fans in your window to blow in cool air. This will act as a natural air conditioner just as long as it is cool outside. However, be sure to remove the fans and shut your windows as soon as the sun rises because this is when hot air will begin to be blown into your home. Also, there are certain window fans that you can purchase that have the ability to not only blow cool air into your home, but also suck hot air out of your home by switching the settings on the fan. Lastly, keep in mind that if you live in an incredibly hot area, you can even place the fans in your windows during the night to get all of the cool air into your home that you possibly can.

Turn The Air Conditioner Off When You Aren't Home

By simply turning your air conditioner off when you aren't home, you will save quite a bit of money. This means turning your air conditioning off not only when you leave for work for the day or go out of town, but also if you are simply running to the store for an hour or so, or taking your kids to a movie or sporting event. Your house will likely not get too hot during this time period anyways, and if you leave during the evenings, you can come home and open your windows for the night.