If you own a home, an important aspect to consider is its energy-efficiency. In order to improve this attribute of your home, you can consider taking the following steps:

Insulate The Attic

If you have an attic, there may be a lot of drafts that are driving up your energy bills. You can solve this problem, though, by getting the attic insulated by a professional company. Today, spray foam insulation is a popular option for homes. This type of insulation can resist heat transfer, and it can be used to fill in cracks, joints and seams.

Your contractor will spray this two-component foam insulation on the interior of the attic. It's important to let the contractor do this step, as they have protective equipment that minimizes their exposure to chemicals used to create spray foam insulation. After the attic is sprayed, your contractor will advise you when you can safely go into the attic. For more information about spray foam insulation, contact professionals like Edmonton insulation companies.

Seal The Air Ducts

When there are leaks in your home's air ducts, your cooling costs may go up. This is particularly true during the summer. For this reason, you need to seal up any leaks in the air ducts as quickly as possible. The best indication of leaky air ducts is if you have stuffy rooms that never seem to cool properly.

After identifying an air leak, you need to put mastic tape over the leak. Mastic tape is extremely durable, and it's also temperature-resistant. So no matter how hot or cold it gets in your home, the mastic tape won't break down. You also need to make sure the vents and registers have proper sealing, as this is typically where leaks develop.

Install Solar Panels

If you don't mind making a large investment for future savings, you can set up solar panels on your home. One of the best types of solar panels for residential use is a monocrystalline silicone panel. These panels are extremely efficient, and they are designed to harness sunlight to help you run devices in your home.

Since these solar panels have a high silicone content, you won't need as many of them on your home. The high silicone content does make them more expensive, though. In order for these solar panels to be effective, you need to put them on your roof where it gets the most amount of sunlight each day.

In order to save money as a homeowner, you can take these steps. They will help improve the energy-efficiency of your home.