The parking strip is the bane of many homeowner's lawn care regimen. Its main purpose is to serve as a buffer between parked cars and the pedestrian so open car doors don't impede traffic, but for many homeowners it is just another strip of lawn to care for. All too often, it isn't connected to the main sprinkler system or it has become a magnet for weeds and garbage. You can't cover it in low maintenance shrubs, since that will block the doors of parked cars. Fortunately, there is a low maintenance and attractive solution.

The Benefits of Concrete

A bit of paving can go a long way toward improving both the usability and attractiveness of your parking strip. The strip will be clear for opening car doors, while also providing a wider walking surface for pedestrians. With concrete, weed problems and the struggles of keeping grass alive will become a thing of the past.

Keeping It Attractive

Chances are you will want your parking strip to resemble more than just an extra wide sidewalk. To achieve this, look at decorative concrete options. A combination of colored and stamped concrete will probably yield the best results.

For example, opt for a pretty dark gray concrete color and pair it with a cobblestone stamped appearance to give it the look of an old time cobbled street. Alternatively, go with a terracotta color and a stamped sunburst design for a more artistic touch. When it comes to the design, there are few limits and you can choose something that complements your landscaping and the exterior of your home.

Allow Some Plants

A few carefully placed plants will visually break up the concrete, and will also help the environment. Too much paving in the landscape can prevent rain water from percolating into the ground. When paving your parking strip, consider leaving a few openings in the pavement for some decorative plants.

Choose low-maintenance plants that can withstand some light foot traffic. Creeping or wooly thyme, creeping jenny, and alpine mouse-ear are just a few examples of low-maintenance ground cover choices for your planting holes. If the paved area is wide enough, you can also opt for larger plants such as lavender bushes or upright foliage plants. Naturally, these can't be walked upon so they are only suitable if the parking strip is large enough for doors to still open easily.

Paving the parking strip may be the best decision you make to improve your home's curb appeal. It provides a quick way to clean up the landscaping and give the house a neat and orderly appearance. (for more information, you can contact Island Asphalt)