Garage doors have small sensors located near the bottom of the door opening that stop the garage door from closing when something is in the way of the door. If these sensors are not working properly, the garage door could close on something or someone and cause an injury or damage. If you notice that your garage door is attempting to close when people or pets walk through the area located between the sensors something is wrong. The following guide walks you through a few issues that may be causing your sensors not to work as well as they should be.

Improper Alignment

In order for garage door sensors to work properly, the sensors must be aligned with one another. A laser is shot from one sensor into another sensor that is situated parallel to it across the garage door. When the beam that is shot between the two sensors is broken, the garage door stops to prevent an accident. If the sensors are not parallel and level, the beam cannot shoot from one sensor to another sensor properly. Use a level to determine if one of the sensors became unaligned with the other sensor and make adjustments as needed.

Dirty Sensors

Cobwebs, dirt, and grime can develop on the sensors over time. Dirty sensors will not be able to shine the laser beam from one side of the garage door to the other side of the door because of the dirt blocking the lenses on the sensors. Use a clean rag to gently clean the sensors to see if dirt and grime were the cause of the malfunction.

Blocked Sensors

If something is placed directly in front of one of the sensors, it will not work properly. Be sure to look at both sensors to make sure that nothing accidentally landed on the sensors or that no items have been placed in front of one of the sensors, blocking the sensors from being able to detect one another.

Worn Sensors

Over time, the sensors will become worn and need to be replaced. If you have tried all of the other resolutions listed above and the sensors still do not work, have the sensors replaced by a professional garage door repair company.  A technician will do an inspection to determine what components are to blame for the malfunction and fix it for you quickly and easily.

For more information, contact a garage door parts company in your area.