When you have the desire to remodel your business, you have to consider all of the challenges. Unless you can afford to close down for extended periods, you will need to know how to work around this challenge. Luckily, there are a few ways to remodel your building and stay open at the same time.

Change Spaces Individually

The first option you have is to renovate portions of your store at different times. With this option, you remodel a section at a time to minimize the impact it will have on your customers.

To accomplish this goal and to keep people safe, you will need the construction crew to erect temporary walls. This option is a good method for blocking dust and noise that could make your business undesirable to shop at during the renovation.

For example, cutting drywall creates a good amount of dust, whereas saws, hammers and drills are loud. These two aspects make it difficult for people to enjoy their shopping experience while in your store. Even though the walls cannot block all of the construction noise and some dust may still get out of this area, you are at least being proactive at making the space tolerable during your remodeling project.

Another benefit is that when it is time to move onto a new section, you simply clear another area so the contractor can pull down the first set of temporary walls and place them in the new space. These walls may increase the cost of the renovation slightly, but it is worth the effort if it allows you to keep your business open throughout the remodeling process.

Nonworking Hour Renovations

Unfortunately, some renovations require work the contractor cannot do while customers are in the store. In this situation, you can have the contractor do the work when your business is usually closed, so it does not interrupt your daily work schedule.

These tasks usually involve having to disconnect the power or water supply to the building. When you don't have access to electricity, for example, cash registers do not run, lights are off and security systems may not work properly.

Instead of closing down for the day so the contractor can work on these areas of your business, you can ask if they offer nighttime or weekend hours that their workers can come in to complete the additional work. This option may suit your needs better if there is one day you normally close early or you have certain days that your business is closed.

By taking the time to look into your options, you have the ability to complete your renovation project without having to close down your business for several weeks or months. You will need to consult general contractors and ask if they are able to complete the work while your business is open.