Are you looking to change the look of your roof to add more appeal to the exterior of your house? A cedar roof is a nice option because it can give the essence of more warmth and coziness, which can make your house look more inviting. Find out in this article about the pros and cons of a cedar roof, as well as what getting one will cost.

What are the Pros of a Cedar Roof?

One of the pros of cedar roofing is that the shakes are very lightweight. Getting cedar materials on top of the roof will be easier for contractors than some of the other roof types. Lightweight roofing materials can make labor less complex for contractors, which means you can save money on installation costs.

Another pro to consider is that cedar is a great way to add more insulation to your house. You will find that your heating and cooling system does not have to be run as long when there are cedar shakes on the roof. Cedar is a type of wood that is resistant against wind, which is great for blocking exterior air and staying in place on a windy day.

Cedar is also a wood that will naturally change colors with time, which can add more character to your house. Sometimes people look for character when buying a house, so the appearance of cedar may add value to your home.

What are the Cons of a Cedar Roof?

One of the cons of a cedar roof is that the shakes can become damaged from too much exposure to rainwater. Wood can become molded and deteriorate from rainwater. It is also possible for cedar to deteriorate from insect damage, such as termites. It is a good idea to get a sealant placed on the wood to make it more durable.

You should also consider the con that cedar is not as resistant to fire as other roofing materials. You can get the cedar shakes treated with a fire-retardant for added security.

What Does it Cost to Get a Cedar Roof?

The price to get cedar shakes installed on your roof will depend on the square footage being covered. The slope of your roof will also play a role in the overall price. You can expect to spend a minimum of $6,800 for a 1,700 to 2,100 square foot cedar roof. However, the price can be as much as over $20,000 on the highest end of the scale. Don't delay speaking to a contractor, such as Samra Bros Roofing, to get your cedar roof installed!