If you need to purchase an adjustable pallet rack, make sure that you weight all the positives and negatives of purchasing a single deep adjustable pallet racking machine. This will help you determine if this type of pallet system is right for your business.

Most Commonly Used System

The single deep adjustable pallet racking system is one of the most commonly used type of pallet racking system that you will come across. These types of systems are extremely common because you are able to adjust the arm that lifts up the pallets to any height within the range of the machine that you purchase. These types of systems also allow you to select and move a single pallet at a time.

Positives Of A Single Deep Adjustable Pallet Racking Machine

There are many different advantages of purchasing and using a single deep adjustable pallet racking machine. Here are the top four advantages of using this type of machine for most businesses:

#1 Allows You To Access One Pallet At A Time

One of the biggest advantages of this type of system is that you can select a single pallet and move it. If there is one particular pallet that you need to access, this type of system allows you to do so.

#2 It Is Easy To Operate

It is relatively easy to operate these types of machines. You should be able to quickly train your employees on how to use a single deep adjustable pallet racking machine. Since many types of businesses use these types of pallet machines, there is also a good chance that anyone you hire who has worked in a warehouse or in the back of a grocery or department store may already have both training and experience with these types of machines.

#3 It Is Cost Effective

Once you purchase this type of machine, with proper maintenance, you should be able to use it for many years. It runs either on a small supply of gas or relies on a charge to power it. After the initial investment, you will not have to put a lot of money into this type of system.

#4 It Is Great For Moving Things From The Ground Up

Some pallet moving machines are only designed to move pallets that are on shelves or elevated to some degree. The vast majority of single deep adjustable pallet racking machines can pick up pallets from the ground and move them to a wide variety of heights. How high you can place the pallet depends on how high the particular lift arm can go on the machine that you purchase.

Drawbacks Of A Single Deep Adjustable Pallet Racking Machine

The biggest drawback is that these types of machines need to operate on solid, flat surfaces. That means your warehouse or the area where you use it will need to have a cement or laminated floor. These types of flooring do not provide the best level of insulation and can increase your heating costs.

If you need a pallet racking machine, you should discuss the particular needs of your business with a pallet racking machine company like All Pallet Inc, and see if a single deep adjustable pallet racking machine will meet your needs today.