If you have a task that needs a crane to complete, and you don't have one or yours is not working, you can rent one. You can rent only the crane, referred to as a bare rental, or you can have the operator come with it. There will be different rental agreements for each type. Here is what to expect for each type of rental.

Bare Rental

A bare rental is usually done when you have a crane, but it is currently not working, or you need another one to complete a second project. You will need to have someone capable of driving and operating it. The rental company will want to see some type of proof of his or her capabilities, such as completion of a crane operating course. They may also require proof that the individual has experience with the type of crane you will be renting. He or she may need to operate the crane at the rental yard.

The rental agreement will also include a clause about insurance for the equipment. In most cases, the insurance will pay for any damages to the crane. You will be required to perform regular maintenance on the piece too. This will include oil and other fluid changes, inspections of  the entire unit to check for wear and tear, loose parts, and that all systems work properly. All small issues should be repaired at your expense.

Full Rental

If you do not have someone to operate the crane, you will need a full rental. This type of rental is usually for a small project of your own. The crane and operator will show up at the job site, and do the work. If it takes more than one day, the crane will stay on your property. Because it is being operated by someone employed by the rental company, you will not need to have as much insurance for any damage, or you may not need to have any at all. In addition, the rental company will take care of the routine maintenance unless you will be using the crane for an extended length of time.

It doesn't matter whether you are in need of an overhead crane, a telescoping boom, a mobile, mounted crane or even a marine crane, you do not have to put out the expense to buy one. While the actual rental cost of a crane and operator may be more than a bare rental, you are not responsible for as much. If anything goes wrong with the crane when doing a bare rental, you could end up paying much more. Consider how long you need the crane for and what type of job it is before deciding on which type of rental you need. Rent a Crane from Ontario Crane Rentals or another heavy equipment rental location near you.