There are many times when the storage options of a home are not as conducive to the homeowner's life as they could be. If you have a large family and need additional storage space in your home, consider transforming the space under your staircase into a large pantry. The following guide walks you through the steps that a contractor will take to create your dream pantry for you.

Determine the Best Place to Create a Doorway

The first thing the contractor will do is determine the best location for the doorway. There needs to be enough space for the door to open with ease and it needs to be placed in between the support beams that are supporting the weight of the stairs.

Add Electricity to the Space

You will need lighting in the space to see what is stored inside of it. The contractor will bring in an electrician to add lighting to the space before doing anything else. If you want there to be outlets inside of the pantry as well, be sure to let the contractor know before the electrician comes to add the lighting.

Add Drywall Inside of the Open Area

After the doorway opening is created and electricity is added, the contractor will need to add drywall inside of the open space. The drywall is important because it will decrease the chances of insects or animals from getting into the food that is stored in the pantry. Also, the drywall will give the pantry a very finished look.

Add Shelves to the Space

Finally, the contractor will add shelves to the space for you to have ample places to store items. Be sure to let the contractor know if you want the pantry to be a walk-in pantry or simply want as much shelving to be in the space as possible. If you do not create a walk-in pantry, you can use all of the open space to store the maximum about of food under the stairs possible.

Once the contractor has finished the construction of the pantry, you can start using it right away. It will not take away from other areas of your home and provide you with the additional storage space your family desperately needs. It is often suggested to rotate the stockpile you store in the pantry so that you can be sure the items that are expiring first are used before items that expire later on. Establish your own organizational system for tracking the expiration of the items you store in the pantry. Contact a business, such as Thurber Home Plans home building, for more information.