If you live in a home that has a concrete foundation, you may assume that the foundation will probably last about the same as the life span of the rest of the house. However, it is not at all uncommon for a concrete foundation to start to deteriorate well before the house ever shows any signs of trouble. In fact, if the foundation is compromised, there is a good chance you will start to think that your house is falling apart. There are several signs that your house could be suffering from a doomed concrete foundation. Here are six that you should be alert to in your home. 

1. Sticking Doors and Windows - A sinking foundation will throw the frames of windows and doors out of line, which means the lack of balance will prevent doors and windows from opening and closing smoothly. Doors may not latch properly and windows may get stuck when you try to open them. 

2. Cracks in the Flooring - Cracks that show up in ceramic tile flooring, possibly in the grout, could be a sign of foundation trouble. Wood floors may not crack, but you will see a shift in their shape, with some planks bowing upward or downward or even pushing further apart to widen the gaps between. 

3. Hairline Cracks Over Doors or in Corners - The areas above doors and at corners are some of the weaker points in a home's construction. Because of this, when a concrete foundation changes shape, you will often see hairline cracks in these areas. 

4. Bowing Walls - If you have drywalled walls and they start to change shape, bowing out in the center, this could be a sign that the foundation beneath the wall has changed and the underlying frame of the wall is sinking. 

5. Mysteriously Protruding Hardware - From the nails that hold drywall in place to the screws attaching cabinetry to the walls, shifting walls can cause the hardware pieces to mysteriously push their way out of place. Shifting walls are a definite sign of foundation trouble. 

6. Moldings Separating From the Walls - The moldings that are tacked into place around the ceiling or even the small rounded trim pieces around the floors may separate from the walls when a concrete foundation changes shape. You may initially notice wider gaps between moldings and walls or trim pieces that seem to be coming detached. 

If you notice some of these signs in your house, contact a foundation contracting company like Paramount Construction for assistance.